Manage & Develop People

Professional services to enhance your business

Effectively managing and developing your employees supports you in delivering quality services and achieving your business objectives. A continuous process of effective people management can increase employee engagement, hospital cialis align personal and team objectives to your business strategy, prostate and enhance personal and team performance.

Managing Performance

Achieving high levels of performance can benefit both individuals and the organisation. Effective communication from the point of induction helps to ensure that employees are aware of standards and expectations, viagra and have clear goals and responsibilities linked to the overall business objectives. Continuous review /appraisal helps to recognise achievements, constructively manage performance and identify training and development needs.

  • Develop and implement appraisal policy and system
  • Support to develop and implement absence management approaches
  • Support to deal with under performance
  • Training in performance management approaches

Workplace Mediation

Independent mediation offers an informal approach to resolving workplace disputes. Even minor disputes can have an impact in the workplace, affecting working relationships, personal performance, team working and productivity. With an average cost to businesses of around £4,000 to defend claims at employment tribunals, mediation also offers a cost effective alternative.

  • Reduce the use of formal grievance and disciplinary processes
  • Avoid expensive employment tribunals
  • Promote a positive approach to dispute resolution and increase the likelihood of ‘win – win’ outcomes

Professional Consultancy and Training Services

Advoco offers professional consultancy advice and training services, based on expert knowledge and experience. The consultancy and advice services are designed to help you deal with business issues where best practice is required, with attention to detail and thoroughness guaranteed. We can help you to obtain quality awards, meeting accreditation, registration and inspection requirements.

Bespoke training is available to meet your specific requirements. Examples of training courses include:

  • Common Induction Standards
  • Vulnerable Adult Protection
  • Vocational skills e.g. medicines administration, record keeping, counselling skills

NVQ Assessment

Caring for people involves a wide range of care providers with the right skills. The NVQ provides a national competency framework that can help your employees to gain and demonstrate the knowledge and skills needed to perform effectively in their role. Supporting your employees to progress and achieve NVQ’s can help to improve the quality and range of services you offer.

  • Help with portfolio development and management
  • Portfolio assessment
  • Training and support to achieve specific unit requirements

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