Find the Right People

Professional services to enhance your business

It is widely recognised that people are the organisation’s most valuable asset and can be an important source of competitive advantage. Recruiting and retaining well motivated and skilled staff affects overall work performance and contributes to a successful business. Finding the right people can help you to stand out from the crowd.

Develop your People Strategy

People are at the heart of every good business and your people strategy will ensure that you can provide your services effectively, sildenafil and are flexible enough to respond to changes in business needs. Knowing where you want to get to and the skills you need from employees can help you to identify the right people to get you there.

  • Strategy review and development
  • Align your people and business objectives for maximum benefit
  • Ensure compliance with legislation and statutory responsibilities

Define what you want people to do

Your business relies upon you defining what you want people to do and getting the right skill mix is essential to ensure you can meet your business objectives. A good job description and person specification defines the responsibilities, key tasks, and knowledge and skills required, and ensures you are being clear and specific about roles and expectations.

  • Support to develop job descriptions and person specification criteria
  • Support to develop assessment criteria for recruitment process
  • Design and delivery of situational judgement scenarios for interview

Talent Management

Attracting, recruiting and retaining the right person for the job are essential for a business to function effectively. Matching the best candidate with the job requirements can produce real results, add value to the organisation, and avoid expensive mistakes. Managers are often asked to recruit new staff without receiving appropriate training and can get it wrong, leading to difficulties for the organisation.

  • Recruitment and Selection training for recruiting managers
  • Practical support with selection processes to help you get the right people for the job
  • Support to develop reward packages to attract talent
  • Ensure compliance with employment legislation

Policy Review and Development

A clear policy framework recognises individual rights and ensures that everyone knows what is expected of them. Policies and procedures are designed to establish guidance for employees and managers, ensure fair and consistent approaches, and define expectations of the organisation.

  • Support to review existing policies or create new policies
  • Develop in-house procedures for policy development and approval
  • Ensure compliance with legislation and statutory responsibilities

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