Care for People

Specialist nursing services

Caring for people is a complex business and we can help by providing specialist nursing assessment and advice on managing care needs. Specialist nursing assessment is the first element of the nursing process and can help to achieve satisfactory outcomes for individuals and care providers, viagra ensuring that services are developed to meet specific needs. Caring for your employee’s health and well-being is a vital element of a good business strategy and demonstrates your commitment to being a good employer and providing a quality service.

Independent Nursing Assessment

Gathering information about the individual ensures that the right levels of care needs are identified before care is provided. A current and detailed assessment is often required in order to access funding and services, viagra sales ensure effective care and treatment and prevent inappropriate admissions. The assessment information promotes cost-effective care planning and often makes the difference in ensuring that people access the right services and receive the care they need.

  • Independent Nursing Assessment undertaken on request
  • Specialist knowledge of learning disability practice
  • Advanced report writing skills
  • Confidentiality guaranteed in all cases

Best Interest Assessment

You may not always be aware that your actions when providing care could be potentially unlawful. The Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DoLs) were introduced in 2009 to provide a legal framework around situations involving deprivation of liberty, and to prevent breaches of the European Convention on Human Rights. The safeguards apply to vulnerable people who lack capacity to consent to care or treatment in either a hospital or registered care home. An assessment is required to ensure that a deprivation of liberty is only authorised when necessary to provide care or treatment to protect people from harm and act in their best interests.

  • Best Interest Assessments undertaken on request
  • Mental Capacity Act and DoLs awareness sessions provided
  • Training for staff about their responsibilities under the DoLs

Case Management

Following a specific assessment of needs we will work in partnership with clients and their families to offer professional case management services which are based on our sensitive understanding of client needs and our careful attention to detail.

Using our professional nursing and management skills we can help to coordinate individual care, including complex health needs, by planning, developing, and implementing a package of support designed to meet your personal needs.

We will support you to explore your options, to find out about and access essential services and funding (where appropriate), and carry out liaison with other professionals and agencies on your behalf.

We can coordinate overall service provision, or provide support and guidance to clients managing their own support package.

Employee Health and Wellbeing

A healthy and happy workforce reduces absence, increases retention, encourages employee engagement and promotes higher performance levels. Stress is now the most common cause of work absence and reduced performance, and good employers are aware that they need to invest in their employee’s health and wellbeing as this is a vital element of maintaining a healthy work-life balance. With many years’ experience of managing services for employee health and wellbeing, Advoco can help you to develop your workplace health and wellbeing strategy and service specification, support you with tender and procurement processes and contract management.

  • Reduce and manage sickness absence levels
  • Support for stress management
  • Increase employee engagement, performance and productivity
  • Assess and manage risk

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