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Employees are the key resource in your business so it makes sense to gain insight into their values, viagra sale strengths and potential. By understanding how and why people do what they do, discount viagra you can find the right new people for your organisation, or develop your existing employees to perform more effectively, or prepare for new roles.

Psychometric assessments are valuable for recruitment and selection, talent management, personal or team development, leadership and management development, and to assist with making decisions when restructuring. All tests can be delivered via secure online services with written feedback reports provided to the individual and employer.

Ability and Aptitude Tests

Ability and aptitude tests are used to measure performance and can be used to compare groups of individuals. They provide information about how well a person might perform in a specific job. The range of tests available includes a clerical test battery, general, verbal and numerical reasoning tests.

  • Ideal for recruitment and selection purposes
  • Demonstrate  fair and open processes used
  • Good predictor of ‘on-the-job’ performance

Personality Tests

Personality tests measure personal characteristics, describe different personality types and traits, and explore differences between individuals and our preferred ways of acting or thinking, There are no right or wrong answers and these tests are mainly used to increase awareness and understanding.

  • For personal and team development
  • Get to know and understand yourself more
  • Increase your awareness of how and why others behave as they do

360° Feedback

360° feedback is a powerful tool to help individuals identify where their leadership strengths and personal development needs lie. The process includes getting confidential feedback from line managers, peers and direct reports. As a result, it increases self-awareness and gives an individual insight into other people’s perceptions of their leadership abilities and behaviour.

  • For personal and team development
  • Objective approach to performance management
  • Responses rated on a scale and summarised into a report

National Leadership Council Leadership Framework

The Leadership Framework provides a consistent approach to leadership development for staff in health and care irrespective of discipline, role or function, and is suitable for all leaders from team leaders and middle managers through to senior and executive level. The Leadership Framework is comprised of seven domains designed to cover the behaviours, knowledge, skills and attributes demonstrated by effective leaders.

  • Align your staff to a national competency framework
  • Develop individual leadership skills or use as part of a leadership development programme
  • Link to existing performance management system
  • 1-1 feedback sessions available with a trained facilitator to enhance the learning experience

Professional Performance

Saville Consulting Wave® is an integrated and sophisticated suite of assessments. It provides a personality trait questionnaire, useful for predicting performance and potential, and is designed for use in both selection and development situations.

The Leadership Judgement Indicator (LJI) was specifically created to measure the level of ‘wisdom’ that the respondent uses in decision-making, and requires the respondent to rate the appropriateness of various courses of action in 16 different scenarios.

  • Leading edge tools for leadership assessment and development
  • Identify potential and manage talent
  • Develop a high performance culture

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